Taking care of your Sarah's Silk scarf


Silk is a sensitive fabric, it needs to be stored in a cool, dark and dry place, with no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight over time can cause colour to fade. Investing in a dust bag for your scarf would prove an ideal way to give it the care it needs if you are storing for periods at a time. Do not store in plastic as the fabric needs to breathe.

It is not recommended to iron the silk, this will case damage that cannot be repaired. 

Tip: If you have creases in your scarf that you'd like to get rid of, trying hanging in a safe place in the shower room. The steam from the shower can work to decrease the silk, but be careful not to get it wet. 


Because of the nature of silk weave, it is not recommended to wash yourself. Sarah's Silk are dry clean only and washing them may result in damage. 

By following these rules your silk will retain it's vibrance and shine, providing many pleasurable years of wear. 


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